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@TGFX16-CD CHD 1G1R for MiSTer/ 18-May-2023 03:49 -
Dreamcast Redump Supplement/ 04-May-2021 13:49 -
MegaCD/ 14-Mar-2021 08:16 -
PC Engine CD Redump Supplement/ 17-May-2022 14:22 -
PlayStation Redump Supplement/ 21-Mar-2023 13:44 -
Project Peacock/ 14-Mar-2021 10:29 -
Saturn Redump Supplement/ 17-May-2022 13:16 -
@ = MiSTer Ready.txt 14-Mar-2021 03:38 181.0B
@Atari 2600 (View Contents) 07-Apr-2021 15:51 25.0M
@Atari 7800 (View Contents) 27-Apr-2021 04:32 19.0M
@Atari Lynx 2021-03-17.7z (View Contents) 17-Mar-2021 14:57 23.1M
@Channel F (View Contents) 07-Sep-2022 20:10 65.8K
@Colecovision (View Contents) 15-May-2023 16:21 17.0M
@Famicom Disk System (View Contents) 17-May-2022 13:35 50.7M
@GBA - EverDrive GBA (View Contents) 09-Aug-2022 16:36 15.6G
@GBA - EverDrive GBA Game Series Collections Add-On (View Contents) 09-Aug-2022 15:59 9.1G
@Game Boy - EverDrive GB (View Contents) 14-Mar-2021 04:19 1.3G
@Game Boy Color SMDB (View Contents) 17-May-2022 13:34 966.9M
@Game Boy SMDB (View Contents) 21-May-2022 13:40 686.4M
@Game Gear - EverDrive GG (View Contents) 14-Mar-2021 05:12 365.6M
@Genesis - MegaSD Mega EverDrive (View Contents) 18-May-2022 18:32 3.0G
@Genesis - MegaSD Mega EverDrive Game Series Collections (View Contents) 18-May-2022 17:37 2.7G
@Master System - Master EverDrive (View Contents) 17-May-2022 13:41 354.9M
@MiSTer Pack 2021-03-22.7z (View Contents) 22-Mar-2021 22:46 1.4G
@MiSTer Pack Add-on - Acorn Archimedes 2020-09-30.7z (View Contents) 14-Mar-2021 04:10 136.1M
@MiSTer Pack Add-on - Amiga AmigaVision MegaAGS 2023-04-05.7z (View Contents) 05-Apr-2023 17:24 3.4G
@MiSTer Pack Add-on - AtariST 2020-06-07.7z (View Contents) 14-Mar-2021 04:12 2.1G
@MiSTer Pack Add-on - C64 (View Contents) 14-Mar-2021 05:18 1.5G
@MiSTer Pack Add-on - C64 Demos (View Contents) 14-Mar-2021 04:37 868.1M
@MiSTer Pack Add-on - CPS-1 2020-05-18.7z (View Contents) 14-Mar-2021 08:21 409.7M
@MiSTer Pack Add-on - CreatiVision (View Contents) 26-Apr-2023 19:38 745.7K
@MiSTer Pack Add-on - MSX 2022-05-26.7z (View Contents) 26-May-2022 17:41 149.7M
@MiSTer Pack Add-on - NEC PC8801 (View Contents) 09-Jan-2022 22:35 582.5M
@MiSTer Pack Add-on - NEOGEO (View Contents) 14-Mar-2021 04:25 8.2G
@MiSTer Pack Add-on - Spectrum (View Contents) 14-Mar-2021 04:36 327.4M
@MiSTer Pack Add-on - TSConf 2020-04-15.7z (View Contents) 14-Mar-2021 04:38 279.5M
@MiSTer Pack Add-on - ao486 2020-06-27.7z (View Contents) 14-Mar-2021 05:13 806.9M
@NES - EverDrive N8 (View Contents) 23-Mar-2021 06:31 898.8M
@NES - EverDrive N8 Game Series Collections Add-On (View Contents) 14-Mar-2021 04:40 462.9M
@NES2.0 (View Contents) 15-Sep-2022 17:16 396.9M
@SNES - SD2SNES - Super EverDrive (View Contents) 15-May-2023 16:34 7.0G
@SNES - SD2SNES - Super EverDrive Game Series Collections (View Contents) 15-May-2023 16:21 5.3G
@Sega 32X - (View Contents) 22-Apr-2022 00:04 349.8M
@Sega SG-1000 (View Contents) 21-May-2022 13:25 5.3M
@TurboGrafx - PC Engine - Turbo EverDrive (View Contents) 17-May-2022 13:34 298.6M
@Vectrex - Vextreme (View Contents) 14-Mar-2021 04:16 2.1M
@Watara Supervision (View Contents) 21-May-2022 13:25 1.5M
@WonderSwan (View Contents) 17-May-2022 13:30 973.8M
Analogue Nt Mini Legacy Jailbreak 2021-03-23.7z (View Contents) 23-Mar-2021 06:31 250.7M
Analogue Nt Mini Noir Jailbreak 2021-07-09.7z (View Contents) 31-Jul-2021 14:43 115.5M
Atari 5200 2021-03-20.7z (View Contents) 20-Mar-2021 15:42 1.4M
Atari Jaguar 2022-08-01.7z (View Contents) 05-Aug-2022 02:02 5.6G
Darksoft Apocalypse M72 2020-12-30.7z (View Contents) 14-Mar-2021 05:12 21.3M
Darksoft Apocalypse System 24 v3.7z (View Contents) 14-Mar-2021 04:25 23.5M
Darksoft Apocalypse System C2 v2.7z (View Contents) 14-Mar-2021 05:12 13.3M
Darksoft CPS-3 2021-01-09.7z (View Contents) 14-Mar-2021 05:13 253.9M
Darksoft CPS2 2020-05-24.7z (View Contents) 14-Mar-2021 05:16 642.1M
Darksoft CPS2 Full MAME Add-On 2020-05-24.7z (View Contents) 14-Mar-2021 05:08 2.8G
Darksoft CPS2 Hacks Add-on 2020-12-30.7z (View Contents) 14-Mar-2021 05:14 526.2M
Darksoft CPS2 MAME Complete Add-On 2020-05-24.7z (View Contents) 14-Mar-2021 04:21 2.8G
Darksoft CPS2 OLD Decrypted.7z (View Contents) 14-Mar-2021 04:18 3.0G
Darksoft F3 Main 2019-07-18.7z (View Contents) 14-Mar-2021 05:12 188.9M
Darksoft F3 Pure MAME Add-On.7z (View Contents) 14-Mar-2021 04:21 211.3M
Darksoft Namco System 1 2021-01-06.7z (View Contents) 14-Mar-2021 04:19 9.5M
Darksoft Neo Geo 2020-05-12.7z (View Contents) 14-Mar-2021 04:28 2.6G
Darksoft STV 2019-09-13.7z (View Contents) 14-Mar-2021 05:13 545.2M
N64 - EverDrive 64 2023-05-15.7z (View Contents) 16-May-2023 19:37 11.7G
N64 - EverDrive 64 Game Series Collections Add-On 2023-05-15.7z (View Contents) 16-May-2023 20:20 15.2G
NGPC - Neo Geo Pocket SD RetroHQ 2020-11-11.7z (View Contents) 26-Apr-2023 19:38 115.1M
NSF Music 2020-12-17.7z (View Contents) 14-Mar-2021 04:19 25.8M
SPC Music 2020-12-17.7z (View Contents) 14-Mar-2021 04:40 217.0M
Virtual Boy - FlashBoy+ 2020-04-30.7z (View Contents) 14-Mar-2021 04:10 48.3M
htgdb-gamepacks_files.xml 03-Jun-2023 19:18 463.3K
htgdb-gamepacks_meta.sqlite 18-May-2023 11:58 1.8M
htgdb-gamepacks_meta.xml 12-Mar-2022 16:48 1.2K
htgdb-gamepacks_reviews.xml 03-Jun-2023 19:18 34.9K